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Term life Insurance

The lowest cost coverage for the specified time (you can pick your term) Term insurance is ideally suited for individuals or families who are seeking mortgage/debt protection or income replacement.

This insurance is comfortable for business owners seeking creditor protection or funding for buy sell agreement. This plan may be fully or partially converted to any permanent life insurance without evidence of insurability. The monthly or yearly premium you pay will not increase for the life of the policy. The same applies to insured amount.

Permanent Life Insurance

Lifetime protection

It covers the insured for lifetime, with a benefit paid out upon the policyholder’s death.   Insurers have opportunity to use other assets during their lifetime without having to worry about the financial security of their dependents.

If an individual purchases a Permanent Life Insurance plan, premiums are generally paid every year into the policy. The cost will not increase for the life of the policy.

Participating Whole Life Insurance

Tax-efficient transfer of wealth from generation to generation! Eligibility to participate in the earnings of the participating account through dividend payments. Adding a Permanent Participating life insurance policy to the financial plans improves the rate of return and reduces the risk in the investment portfolio.

This coverage has guaranteed cash values and tax - free death benefits. Children’s protection can carry into adulthood which grows with them. Contribute Only 10 or 20 years (or up to age 100). Be protected for the ENTIRE LIFE.

Universal Life Insurance

This policy offers a wide range of savings and investment options to choose from, giving you more control of your investment strategy. To keep your policy in effect, you need to keep enough value in your policy to pay the fees and charges that the insurance company deducts each month. You can also deposit additional money into your policy. You can determine how often you deposit money into your policy and how much your deposits will be. The value of your policy depends on the performance of the investment accounts you have selected. Please discuss all the advantages and disadvantages before buying it.

Guaranteed Life Insurance




Hard to get insured?

Declined for life insurance?

Have serious health conditions?

Apply NOW for Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance!

Payments start in the second month (on monthly payment plans only).

Disability Insurance

If illness or injury prevents you from doing your job, you can make sure your income continues uninterrupted.

Disability insurance provides monthly income to cover income lost due to a disability.

It’s the ideal solutions to avoid a disability-related work stoppage affecting a person’s finances and lifestyle

Universal Loan Insurance covers any loan including personal loans, joint loans or corporate loans, rent (principal household), car, boat, motorcycle or recreational vehicle loans(lease or purchase), credit cards, etc.

If you are a Canadian citizen, or reside in Canada and meet certain criteria and are between the ages of 18 and 59 inclusively IT’S FOR YOU !

Critical Illness Insurance

Covers costs associated with living with an illness and allows to focus on recovery.

It’s a lump sum, tax-free benefit following the diagnosis and survival of (mostly 30 days)
the 25 covered Critical Conditions

The payout from CI coverage can help you to:

  • Replace Lost/Reduced income while taking time-off work for Recovery

  • Hire a Caregiver or private Duty Nurse

  • Take care of Medical Expenses not covered by OHIP

  • Reduce Debt, Pay Regular Bills for a period of time while Recovering

  • It gives you 100% paid premiums if there is NO claim.

Long-term Care

Choose long- term care at home or in a facility

As you age, you start to realize the importance of having the right plans in place to make sure you receive the care you need. Long- term care insurance gives you added protection that government plans alone may not be able to provide, helping minimize cost and stress to you and your family. Benefits would help pay for home or facility care if you’re unable to care for yourself.

The payout from CI coverage can help you to:

Main plan:

• Receive a monthly benefit, tax-free, if you become functionally dependent; a waiting period applies

• Choice of single life coverage, or shared coverage for a couple—because there’s no way to predict who will need care first, or who will need more care

Optional add-ons:

• Safeguard your purchasing power with protection from inflation

Return a portion of your premiums to your beneficiaries in the event of your death.

Visitors to Canada and Super visa Insurance

Simply Safeguarding Your Lifestyle!

Help cover emergency medical expenses while visiting Canada! If you’re planning on visiting Canada, or if you have friends and family visiting, you’ll want to enjoy the visit without disruptions.

Get coverage for emergency medical care for the following expenses:

  • Physician services

  • Ambulance services

  • Hospitalization

  • Prescription drugs and more

Visitors to Canada and Super Visa insurance plans are available for:

  • - visitors to Canada and ,

  • - temporary workers,

  • - landed immigrants and returning Canadians who are not eligible for benefits under a Canadian provincial health insurance plan

Gain access to worldwide travel assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Super Visa applicants (for parents and grandparents) require coverage for emergency medical costs in case an unforeseen injury or illness happens while they are visiting Canada or are on a side-trip outside of their country of origin. Canadian Super Visa applicants must submit a proof of purchase of private emergency medical coverage that meets the following requirements:

  • a) Issued by a Canadian insurance company.

  • b) Valid for at least one year from the date of entry.

  • c) Provides at least $100,000 in coverage

  • d) Offers proof that the medical insurance has been paid for.

Are You a Resident of Canada and travelling outside of country?

Emergency Medical plan:

Single-trip or multi-trip coverage that can help cover emergency medical expenses for:

  • Physician services

  • Ambulance services

  • Hospitalization

  • Prescription drugs and more

COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Plan:

  • Available to Canadians travelling abroad

  • Provides emergency medical insurance for COVID-19 related medical conditions (up to $1,000,000 CAD per insured)

  • Provides Emergency Medical Insurance coverage for Non-COVID-19 related medical conditions

  • Includes Trip Interruption Insurance benefits in the event of quarantine and for Government of Canada Avoid All Travel Advisories

Trip Cancellation & Interruption plan: Coverage up to the purchased amount. All- inclusive plan:

  • Emergency Medical coverage

  • Trip Cancellation & Interruption coverage

  • Baggage loss/damage/delays

  • Flight and travel accident

Health & Dental Insurance

Keep away your family and your business from sudden expenses with Health & Dental Insurance!

It’s easy to obtain and offers: Guaranteed Issue Health and/or Dental coverage, with plan upgrade options, Prescription Drugs, Dental Care, Emergency Travel Medical Coverage, Paramedical Services, Accidental Dental, Vision care, Hospital benefits, Registered Massage Therapy, Home care and nursing, as well as many other Extended Health Services.

If you don’t have a Health & Dental plan then the company you work for doesn’t have a Group Health & Dental plan or you are a self-employed.


Employee turnover – a big reason people leave a company is due to lack of benefits

• Keeps your employees at work and not home sick

• You can get the corporation to pay for the insurance - helps reduce taxes

• It is very attractive for a new person looking to join the company

Your spouse and dependent children become insured under your policy when family coverage has been selected.

BOE (Business Overhead Expense insurance) is the solution when:

- Self-employed individuals need to protect their business in the event of a disability

- Medical event prevents from working for an extended period of time.

If you have employees this coverage can help

  • Ensure your business remains open and operational so they can continue to complete their work and collect a paycheck

  • to maintain your livelihood and that of your employees who depend on your company to support their own families.

Business overhead expense coverage is the perfect addition to your customized personal insurance plan to protect not just yourself, but your business, in the event you become unable to work.

Business overhead expense can cover fixed monthly expenses such as lease payments, property rent, professional accounting fees, insurance payments, utilities and other miscellaneous operational costs.

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Advantages of Segregated Funds

Protect your investment throughout your life, and assist in the efficient transfer of assets when you pass away. Many of these features are unique to insurance investments, and may not be available in a traditional mutual fund. These features include:

  • Maturity and death benefit guarantee options to protect your investment

  • Bypass probate and associated fees by naming a beneficiary

  • No early redemption fees at death

  • Quick payment to beneficiaries after you pass away

  • Private and confidential beneficiary designations

  • Creditor protection may be available in the event of bankruptcy or lawsuit

Source: eb/services/mm-rrsp-guide-en.pdf

Maturity and death benefit guarantees

With segregated fund contracts, investors are guaranteed to receive at least 75% of deposits (or 100%, depending on the contract), less any withdrawals, when the contract matures. This is known as a maturity guarantee, and it applies at the maturity date. The maturity date occurs after a minimum number of years have elapsed or on a date specified in the contract; for example, age 100 of the annuitant.

Segregated fund contracts can also protect an investment for beneficiaries. The death benefit guarantee can be up to 100%, depending on the type of contract selected and the age of the annuitant when the product is purchased. The named beneficiary gets the death benefit in the event of the annuitant’s death. The beneficiary can be anyone—a family member, a friend, or a charity.

Some segregated funds also offer resets to lock in growth, while others include an option that can deliver lifetime guaranteed income.

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A guaranteed interest account (GIA)

Guards against market volatility by providing security of principal with a guaranteed rate of return. GIAs are an ideal account for creating an emergency fund, saving for a special purchase, or as a way of diversifying your portfolio to include guaranteed holdings.

Guaranteed interest account investment options:

Daily interest account (DIA)

The DIA offers a fluctuating annual interest rate that is compounded daily and credited monthly*. The DIA may be ideal for those seeking a stable and secure investment for short term savings, emergency savings, or for those who have not yet defined their goals. You may withdrawal your money at any time and will not be charged any fees**.

Guaranteed deposit account (GDA)

GDAs are a great way to earn a competitive interest rate and safely grow your savings. At Equitable Life you can choose to have the interest compounded on an annual basis, or select the “simple interest” option where the principal is maintained and the interest is paid to you on a monthly or annual basis.

Term deposit account (TDA)

TDAs are long-term simple interest accounts that provide a regular and reliable source of income within a retirement income fund (RIF) or life income fund (LIF). Ideal for retirees, this investment provides guaranteed income with the interest earned deposited directly to your bank account on a monthly or annual basis – the choice is yours.

Benefits the guaranteed interest account can provide:

Savings stability

Deposits made to the DIA, GDA and TDA are fully guaranteed and can be accessed at any time**. Partnered with our competitive rates, these investments are a great way to diversify your portfolio and grow your savings.

Competitive interest rates

You are guaranteed to keep what you invest while earning a competitive interest rate on your money. Upon request we can lock in the current interest rate for up to 45 days for incoming transfers and maturing deposits.

Creditor protection

As an insurance contract, your guaranteed interest account may provide creditor protection for the policy owner, subject to certain conditions.

Estate planning

At death, the proceeds from your guaranteed interest account may be passed directly to a named beneficiary and may avoid probate, legal and executor fees.

Safe and secure

Equitable Life is a member of Assuris, which administers the protection plan that provides protection to the policyholders of member companies***.

*The low interest rate environment has limited the return on the DIA. Contact your advisor or Equitable Life for the current rate. **Withdrawals from GDAs and TDAs prior to maturity will be subject to market value adjustments. Withdrawals from the DIA, GDA and TDA subject to legislative or contractual restrictions. ***The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada is a founding member of Assuris, which administers the Consumer Protection Plan instituted to provide protection to the policyholders of member companies. Policyholders and prospective policyholders should read the Assuris brochure for details and limitations of coverage.

Source: eb/services/mm-rrsp-guide-en.pdf
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